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About Us

TransBahasa is a translation office. Established by Sugeng Hariyanto, this translation service firm is a good environment to develop and provide the ultimate efforts and products in translation, intepreting and subtitling.

Today, we are an expanding pool of talents in linguistics, language arts and language technology. We provide services in translation of various types of text and file formats with various kinds of CAT Tools. Our daily capacity can reach 7000 words with a standard quality assurance procedure.

Discussions on the theory and practical matters are held occasionally. This discussion is open to anyone interested. By so doing, this group has helped other translators to grow and develop.

One of the result is the book on Translation Theory specially written for Indonesians (in Indonesian language) entitled Translation: Bahasan Teori dan Panduan Praktis Menerjemahkan. The emphasis is the theory and practice of English-to-Indonesian translation.Another book by Sugeng Hariyanto "Website Translation" is published in 2015. The book is planned to be published in Indonesian this year.

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