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With the advanced technology in the field of information and transportation, communication is very easy. The globalization in the economy field has made companies operate around the world. People once thought that English would be the unifying language and no other language was needed for international communication. However, soon we find that communication does not only put the messages across. Communicating means understanding and talking by heart. Marketing professionals know exactly the value of talking in customers’ tongue. Then, arises the need for translating marketing materials and websites and other related documentation.

The earth as a global village enables people to do business and interact beyond national borders. As usual, in communication, misunderstanding may happen, dispute may be sometimes unavoidable. There comes the need for translating legal documents.

Companies may have production facilities around the world. Safety is always paramount. Subtitling the safety training and precaution videos into the local languages become very important.

We have served many partners directly or indirectly in doing all the aforementioned important translation, subtitling, and interpretation since 2000.

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