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About Us

TransBahasa is a translation office. Established by Sugeng Hariyanto, this translation service firm is a good environment to develop and provide the ultimate efforts and products in translation, intepreting and subtitling. Today, we are an expanding pool of talents in linguistics, language arts and language technology. We provide services in translation of various types of…
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  Welcome With the advanced technology in the field of information and transportation, communication is very easy. The globalization in the economy field has made companies operate around the world. People once thought that English would be the unifying language and no other language was needed for international communication. However, soon we find that communication…
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Boutique translation & localization

Kami adalah penyedia layanan penerjemahan dan penjurubahasaan untuk pasangan bahasa Inggris – Indonesia dan Prancis – Indonesia. memang betul ada banyak penyedia jasa penerjemahan di Indonesia. Tapi, kami tidaklah sama. Kami adalah penyedia “boutiq translation”. Apakah “boutiq translation”? Di dalam “boutiq translation” kami tidak hanya menerjemahkan, tetapi kami berusaha benar-benar memahami pesan yang ingin Anda…
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