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We are serving the translation, proofreading, copy writing and interpretation and voice over needs of companies around the world since 2000. In this industry, experience really counts.

Consisting of young energetic agile minds and senior meticulous perfectionist ideas, our team is just the minds you can rely on for your translation and communication projects.

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Why choose TransBahasa
professional translation

  • Cost
    Our rate is moderate. With large project, you even will get a discount.
  • Speed
    For rush order, you can expect one-day delivery. For standard speed we can have 2 to 3 days for order of 2500 to 1000 words.…
  • Accuracy and assurance
    Accuracy is guaranteed. For marketing text, we will make your text speaks as if it is an original text in the target language. So, stay…
  • Technology
    Technology cannot replace human translators. Yes! However, technology can make human translators' job better and easier. We are keen in learning, embracing and utilizing any…
  • Partnership approach
    With partnership approach, we can have a long busines relationship with special rate guaranteed. We can even represent your business in Indonesia.
  • Trust
    Trust is our keyword. Trust your documents to us and we keep the trust as our ultimate dream and effort.
  • Reputation
    Our long-standing business has proven our reputation among our clients and partners.  
  • Flexibility
    Everyday we may encounter new situation that force us to change plans. Yes, we understand that. Therefore we are flexible in handling your text. Based…